Thanks to hard work and great public support, we’re happy to announce the Grand Opening of the Dennis P McHugh Library held in Piermont NY March 10, 2007.
We’re very proud to have achieved our first goal.

We are quite enthusiastic about the new Dennis P. McHugh Piermont Public Library for the following reasons: a) The new library will be more than four times larger than the existing facility. B) A larger facility and much better usage of available technology will significantly improve and expand all research capabilities. C) A more functional library will also attract newcomers from surrounding towns to take advantage of the new library and its attractive location with parking facilities to accommodate prospective visitors. D) Last but not least, by incorporating ” an auditorium like room” that can accommodate more than 120 people, will make the Dennis P. McHugh Library as much as a cultural center as a cutting-edge library. The total construction cost of the library is $2 million, of which 25% or $500,000 has been committed by the foundation over the next several years.

In addition, a special plaque will be placed within the new library to honor the brave rescue workers and civilians who lost their lives on the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Piermont Public Library:

Can you tell me more about the current Piermont Public Library and its programs?

The Piermont Public Library was founded in 1896, and moved into its current building on Hudson Terrace in 1909. It has approximately 1,600 cardholders from Piermont (over 2/3rds of town residents) and nearby Grandview, and serves approximately 6,000-7,000 visitors each year. There are 12,000 books in the collection, cataloged electronically, with many thousands of others available through the Ramapo-Catskill Library System. The Library also presents a variety of public events including art exhibitions, dramatic readings, and special events and films for children. In December 1999, a library district was established, creating a taxpayer-endorsed system to provide for annual operating costs, separate from the budget processes of the Village of Piermont. Back

Why does Piermont need a new Library?

The current library building, constructed in 1838, does not meet accepted standards for a library serving a community of this size. Its location on Hudson Terrace is not handicapped accessible and has extremely limited parking. Because of its size (2,000 square feet on two levels) and age (164 years old) it cannot accommodate a collection and equipment of the size and nature that the community needs.Back

Where will the new Library be located? When will it be completed?

The new library will be located at on the western side of Flywheel Park at Ash Street (immediately behind the M&T Bank). The Carlyle Corporation (the original developers of the Landing) donated the land to the Library. After years of exploring options, the Landing site, centrally located in the heart of the Village, has proved to be the ideal location for a library of the scale and quality our community deserves. We expect to begin construction in early 2003 and anticipate completion within eighteen months. Back

What features will it have?

The new library will quadruple the size of the current library; nearly 10,000 square feet, fully accessible, with ample parking and stunning river views. It will be compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act, and meet the essential facilities standards recommended by the American Library Association for a community of our size. Features will include:

  •  Expanded collections including fiction, non-fiction, periodicals and reference materials
  •  State of the art facilities for computer and Internet access.
  •  Improved cataloguing systems and the latest technology for on-line research.
  •  A comfortable adult reading room.
  •  A separate, well equipped children’s area, with enhanced programs for young people.
  •  Gallery/exhibition space
        •  A public room for meetings and community events. Opening onto the Hudson River, this flexible space will allow for lectures, readings, recitals and other gatherings, with flexible seating for almost 120 people. Back

What other special features or programming will be available at the new Library?

In spite of the limitations of its current space, the Library already offers excellent programs for young people (summer reading club, films, special programs, etc.) and an active roster of public events (lectures, art exhibitions, etc.). With a new facility, we plan to expand and refine our programs, adding greater variety as public interest and funding allows. The public meeting room described above will have a special focus on the Hudson River, emphasizing aspects of art, literature and natural history related to the river. In short, the new facility will be as much as a cultural center as a library. Back

Who will use the new Library?

Residents of all ages from Piermont, Grandview and surrounding communities, as part of the cooperating Ramapo-Catskill Library system, will be welcomed at the new facility. We anticipate that annual usage could be as many as 30,000 visits per year (quadruple the current use). Back

What local groups does/will the Library collaborate with for programs?

The Library currently collaborates with the local public schools, with other local libraries, and with the Community Playgroup. Back

How is the Library governed?

The Piermont Public Library is governed by an elected board of trustees who serve three-year terms. Currently, nine local residents serve on the board, bringing to their work in directing the Library both diverse professional skills and awareness of the needs of Piermont residents. Three trustees are elected each year.